Anemia Recovery Again – Recovering Well

After the anemia attacks the other week I reanalyzed my supplements and found that I was getting upwards of 80% of my B12 per day, some days far less than that. I had purchased a smaller dosage of sublingual B12 than I should have, this dosage was healthy for a normal person who can absorb B12 without issue. Because of the somewhat low dose my B12 levels slowly depleted over the months until it became too low again. We have doubled the dosage and I am in recovery.

I have not experienced a full crash since my dosage was doubled. While I still become fatigued and foggy in the evenings, it’s happening later and the duration is shorter. At the beginning of the week I would start to fade by 4pm, as of yesterday I didn’t fade until 6pm. Early in the week I would feel heavily fatigued for a few hours, then start to feel normal again, yesterday I started to feel normal after an hour. Before the treatment bump I was experiencing nearly non-stop fibro flares, bad ones.  A week later there is still some minor flaring, the usual aches and pains of fibro, I’m back to where I was a month or two ago.

Whenever my B12 gets bumped back up to healthy issues I have trouble sleeping for the first week or two. At first I’ll struggle to get 6 hours of sleep, but each night I should see an improvement and soon I’ll be back to my 7-8 hours a night. B12 treatment also has a small weight gain side effect, but it should be easy to prevent thanks to the healthier diet I’m on combined with regular exercise.

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