Anemia Hell

Anemia is hell, or at least the kind I have is. After the hurricane hit Florida last September I started getting sick and never fully recovered. December and January I pushed myself hard with energy drinks, due to traveling and house repairs. I started having headaches every morning that never went away, my heart-rate was constantly high, I was constantly cold and I couldn’t do chores or even cook dinner for myself. Worst part, doctors would blame my issues on my fibro and I believed them at first.

Eventually I blamed the issues on mold. I had found serious mold in my kitchen in January and had to gut the sink area and build a new countertop. When the shitbirds were squatting in my house, the sink had leaked, possible for a couple of years, causing the particle board of the cabinets and drywall behind them to become moldy. After that I gutted part of my office/lab where I had an ant issue, found a small bit of mold, not enough to make a person sick though.

Exposure to that mold would make me sick for a day or two, so it made sense that mold was causing my health issues. I was wrong, as I remained sick and wasn’t getting better. The house was smelling good again, my sinuses were clearing, but I was not in good shape.

With my health was going to hell I quit energy drinks, quitting caffeine helped before. Even after the caffeine detox I started passing out every day. Usually around lunch time or shortly after color would drain out of my skin, I would become extremely chilled, then have trouble remaining conscious. At the worst it caused mental issues, confusion, word slurring, there were a few times that I started babbling pure gibberish. The mental impairment was scary, I could barely function. That coupled with the fatigue attacks causing me to pass out made me realize that I was becoming anemic again.

Everything about being anemic is horrible. I’m not sure what is worse, the weak immune system, infections, lack of sleep, fevers, the exhaustion, or the headaches, but I think it’s that I could only function during the day. By 5pm the fevers would have taken me out of commission, rarely would I feel better before the next morning. Sleep was nearly impossible, five or six hour was normal and upon rising I would have horrible headaches. If I tried to exercise, the headaches would worsen. These weren’t the only major issues I had.

Wounds, from minor to major would become infected, even if I cleaned and treated them. The infections made them itch so badly I couldn’t sleep. Wounds would take a minimum of 3-4 weeks to heal, then leave scars. In addition this was the first time in a few years that I had reoccurring sinus infections.

The anemia really made it seem like my body was falling apart. But once I realized what was happening, I bumped up my B12 and made sure my folate intake was healthy. It has been nearly two months since I was at my worst and I am recovering.

The headaches have gone away, I’m passing out less and less often. My cold tolerance is returning and I’ve mostly kicked the sinus infections. I still get tired easily, prone to low grade fevers (possibly due to fibro), evenings can be hard, but I’m sleeping more also. My heart rate is slowly trending down and my wounds are healing. One of the best parts is that wounds no longer become infected, they just heal with normal amounts of scarring.

Two and one half months left for initial recovery.

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