Summer 2019 Update

Anemia is still hell, but I have come a long way in my recovery. The summer heat is hard on me and physical activity will wear me down, but my recovery is much quicker and I am able to exercise. My career and personal life take up what little free time I have. I often forego going out to shows or events, so that I can properly rest up for work. I will choose to stay in entire weekends if I know I have a busy Monday coming up, but unlike last year, I can keep up with yard work and cleaning.

Outside of my health issues I have been finishing up work on my VW bus. In February I added AC (installed myself using a Gilmore enterprises kit), then in March I installed cruise control, a new steering wheel, rebuilt steering box, and an awning. I have put around 5,000 miles since I put it on the road April last year. The bus has gone on two trips from Florida’s Space Coast up to Asheville, NC. One month I did weekly trips down to South Florida to clear out my storage unit, 280 miles each trip. Still need to finish the kitchenette, the roof rack, and solar setup.

Now that the bus is a capable daily driver, I’ve been able to resume other projects, mostly focusing on my house, but also my computer and antique radio collections. The home got new AC last year, this year it’s been going through a deep clean, next up is a new roof. I cleaned out my storage unit and now have all of my vintage computers and antique radios. Still cleaning and organizing my stuff from storage, but I have my electronics bench setup and have done some vintage computer repairs and recently began work on some of my radios.

It’s nice getting back into the routine of things. Even though the fatigue and pain get bad at times, even though I have to stop to rest and force myself not to do things, I’m accomplishing more than I have in nearly two years. I may have to pause things for hours, days, sometimes even weeks or months, but I’m able to resume and accomplish. Maybe I’ll start updating my blog more often, but no promises.

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Born and raised in New England, moved to Florida to complete my Bachelors of Computer Engineering and never left. Currently a security software application engineer for a major internet company. Previously spent nine years working at a university where I gained most of my systems administration and analyst experience, along with completing a Masters of Science in Information Technology Management. I am dedicated to furthering my knowledge, skills, and career. Hobbies include haxing hardware, tinkering with electronics and cars, gardening, a little cooking, swimming and jogging, musics, and computer and video games. I enjoy attending InfoSec conferences and participating in CTF events and LAN parties. During my down time I enjoy studying computer sciences and electronics, watching historical documentaries, and cult classic movies. I developed carpal tunnel in 2011 and had surgery for it that year. I never fully recovered and after years of going from doctor to doctor, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in late 2014. Fibromyalgia, also known as FM or FMS, is debilitating and often disabling, causing widespread body pain, digestive issues, and often chronic fatigue and brain fog. I have been fighting this for years and have no intention of giving up, I will beat the fibro.

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