Hacking my Childhood Panasonic RC-6064 Clock-Radio

The Panasonic RC-6064 is an AM/FM clock-radio produced in the late 80s and early 90s. This one I received as a Christmas gift in 1989 and has served me well over the past 28 years. A few years ago I tried to replace it with a newer clock-radio that had an iPod dock. The blue lights from the new clock-radio keep me up at night, so it was time to switch back. Two things my childhood clock-radio always needed was aux-in and an external FM antenna. Thanks to the chipset diagrams available online I was able to figure where I could mod the circuit to add these.


The clock-radio uses a Sony CXA1019P IC (IC2 on the board), an AM/FM IC with built in power amp. By tapping into the AF in pin (pin 24) for the power amplifier, I was able to wire a 3.5 mm (1/8th) headphone jack directly in.

Sony CXA1019 IC Diagram

R and L aux-in soldered to the AF In pin and the ground wire soldered to ground on the IC.

External Antenna

The external antenna took a little bit more work to figure out. I had to figure out where in the circuit I could tap an antenna into. Using circuit diagrams I found in a google search I was able to discern that the antenna circuit should come off of the FM RF in pin (pin 12). From there I used a test lead on a weak station to identify the ideal spot on the circuit board to solder the antenna lead to. I ended up following the traces and found an unused hole immediately in front of the radio/alarm on/off switch. I was able to wire the lead to there and ran it out through the back of the case.

The external antenna starts off as the small black wire in front of the left slider switch

The wire is soldered to the antenna circuit which happens to have a trace running along the top of the board in this photo

Final Results

It is all working. The aux-in works great with my various audio players and cell phones, the external FM antenna helps me to better pull in the public radio station I enjoy listening to.



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